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Wine of the Month Club
There are many privileges of being a member of one of our Wine of the Month clubs. Each month, you will receive two bottles of selected wines. The selections almost always follow a theme and our purpose is to spotlight wines that fall out of the normal habits of most buyers. If you enjoy traveling, cuisine, history, meeting new people and learning about wine, you will certainly enjoy a membership. Plus, as a member of the WOM, you will receive additional discounts on all wines and accessories. We encourage our members to pick up the wines at the store to check out new arrivals, specials and perhaps taste something new. The only commitment you make is a minimum of three months, after that you can cancel any time each month up to the date of billing. This a fantastic way to try new wines and broaden your wine tasting adventure. 
Explorer's Club - $29
New World Red - $39

As a member of the Explorer's Club, you will recieve wines from around the world. This club is the perfect way to start your experience of tasting wines without the travel.

As a member of the New World Red Club, you will recieve two red wines from the "New World" countries such as North America, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

If you have questions, or would like more information about our Wine of the Month Club, please leave your name and contact information.